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CS Unplugged

Posted by forumjoe on July 8, 2009

So I was sort of planning my first post to be a big collection of all the online resources I’ve gathered so far, but it was daunting and would take me forever to compile. I’d never get around to it, and the whole blog thing wouldn’t actually be used as such. So I created the Teaching page to act as a compilation of resources, and I’ll blog about them as I want/need/discover.

First one I’ll discuss is

CS Unplugged

thanks Jonno for the ref.

This website contains a collection of pre-made resources that you can walk into a classroom and teach, and doesn’t require computers. I used the first few of these the other day (specifically, teaching Binary and also the Image Compression one) and found the resources pretty good.

Good Bits

  • Well documented lesson plans, tells the teacher just what they need.
  • Enough freedom to expand on the lesson plans on topics as required.
  • Gets the students away from a computer, which is surprisingly refreshing in a computing class

Bad Bits

  • Aimed at younger students than I teach. 😦
  • Links to real-world situations are tentative.  For example, the image compression activity only really describes 2-bit BMP files.  Expanding the ‘theory’ out from 2-bit to 24-bit (which the girls already understand) is pretty much impossible.
  • It’s probably just my classes of 14-15 year-olds, but they found the activities to be kinda boring.  Then again, they find everything boring. 😦

Nevertheless, I intend to use these resources a lot in future.  I’ll tell you how the activities go with my Year 5s, they might get into it better.


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