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Football Scoreboard in Scratch

Posted by forumjoe on July 10, 2009

Thinking more about simple exercises for students to ‘think outside the box’ with Scratch, I came up with the idea of making a simple application that keeps track of scores in a footy game (AFL footy, but could be easily adapted to any other sport).   They needed to script actions for different buttons, such that when the home team scored a goal, their “goals” tally had +1, and their “total” tally had +6.   This really got the girls thinking about controlling variables with scripts, triggered from buttons.  Obviously something like this isn’t what Scratch is designed for, and VB or Java would be able to do it much better, but it worked in the end, in an environment that they were familiar with.

I intend to document this properly sometime, write out a complete lesson plan that can be sharable.  Must get into the habit of writing lesson plans BEFORE I teach them. 😉


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