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Scratch resources in English

Posted by forumjoe on July 23, 2009

Annoyed at the lack of usable scratch resources I could find, I’ve made my own.  I’m uploading them here in the hope they’ll be useful to someone else.  You should be able to print these out and use in any classroom with scratch, I’ve tried to make them very non specific.

First is general worksheet that uses Pen commands to draw pictures.  This is very similar to LOGO style programming, but more versatile.  It also introduces variables, and draws some pictures that the kids quite get into.

Drawing Shapes with Scratch.pdf

Second is the challenge I referred to in the past about the Football scoreboard.  I’ve turned it into a worksheet challenge that the kids quite enjoyed.
Creating a Footy Scoreboard in scratch.pdf

Finally, the english translation of the best of the three Spanish pages previously uploaded.  This page is really for advanced students interested in “real” programming with scratch, and really gets them thinking computationally.  It’s pretty tricky, but if you explain it right, the kids really enjoy it.

Challenges involving variables.pdf

If you read this and want any of these documents in a different format, I’ll be happy to oblige.


One Response to “Scratch resources in English”

  1. John said

    Nice challenges! There a new website for educators using Scratch: You might find some useful Scratch resources. You might want to post your challenges there, too.

    Happy Scratching!

    — John (one of the Scratch team at MIT)

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