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So if a blog isn't a good CMS, what is?

Posted by forumjoe on August 27, 2009

I created this blog originally to collect useful teaching resources and links in one spot and I feel like I’m not doing a very good job.   The original plan was that when I find a good link I write a post about it, and include it in the static pages.  But then if I need to continually update the static pages, they don’t end up being very static.  This creates problems.   If the static pages don’t serve their purpose, they should be removed.  Or maintained more regularly.  I guess I’ll plan at the moment to make a blogpost whenever I find something useful for future reference, and then need to dedicate time at the end of the month to filter those into a static page, gradually building up the resource collection.  We’ll see.


2 Responses to “So if a blog isn't a good CMS, what is?”

  1. Mazil said

    WordPress makes a pretty awesome CMS actually… or at least, I’ve used it for a lot of websites. I guess you need to manipulate it quite a bit to get it just right though (CSS, templates, plugins, hacks).

    It sounds like you could possibly use your categories (or a combination of categories and tags) as a way of autogenerating a list of “useful links”? There is also the blogroll feature, where you can enter links and categorise them. Another option is to use the post metadata feature. When you write a post you could put the site url and name in there and then pull that data out into a list on another page.

    Most of these options require you to have your own WP site though, I don’t think the hosted sites let you do much customisation… lemme know if you’d like any help!

  2. Jonathan said

    What maz said, re: categories and tags and a bit of template work. If you’re looking for hosting, you could join theintraweb bandwagon…

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