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The Trifecta

Posted by forumjoe on September 28, 2010

I don’t post about Ultimate much, because although I’ve been playing regularly over this past year, it seems to be automatic. I don’t do anything worth posting about, I’ve just been plugging away trying to improve the spirit of myself and my team and win games where we can.

But this week something special has happened, and I thought I’d tell you all how I feel about it. Last monday, 20th September, my TUC team (Bread) won the championship. The highest level of Ultimate played in Tasmania, and it was a wonderful game. Everyone gave it their best, everyone played awesomely, and it came down to Golden Goal at the end, which we won. Whether it was good luck or good management, who knows?

Then, last Sunday, my team (Gender Across) took out the premiership of the Indoor League. Again, a stupidly close and hard-fought game. It didn’t quite come to Golden Goal, but the pressure from UTAS was on right until the end, and they really forced me to step it up and play my best ultimate. To top off this excitement, we won Spirit. That truly is what I strive for in a league, so to be able to win Spirit and the league makes me really, really proud of a team that was randomly thrown together.

And last night, The Workers Party (a team I coordinate and captain) won the Uni vs Workers challenge, twice-a-year challenge game. Once again, Golden Goal. Once again, there was so much luck in a game like that it’s impossible to take credit for it. But the feeling of having won all three finals/challenges that I’ve played in this last week is exhilarating. I’m feeling like I’m playing my best Ulimate ever at the moment, and I really hope, pray and cross my fingers, that this good streak will continue to the Two-Hat, in 10 days time.

Special thanks to Jase and Maz, who shared all these victories with me, and special commiserations go to Huddy and Eliza. Huddy is definitely one of the “good guys” in Tassie ultimate, and I know it’s very frustrating for him to play in so many finals and walk away with nothing. But the UTas team has come along in leaps and bounds, and that’s all thanks to Huddy. We’ll miss ya, boyo. Good luck in Launceston.

Finally, I’m about to think about other aspects of the sport, specifically the volunteering/community aspect. There’s no doubt there’s a lot of dissatisfaction around at the moment with various admin/committee/management groups. I’m not sure what I can do to change that, but I can’t let it affect me do what I can for the community. Rule-Of-The-Week has been great, and I’m looking to build on that for Spring league. Last I heard, we were still looking for a Spring League LO, so I’ve just put my hand up for that too.

I’m really looking forward to a great summer of Ultimate!


One Response to “The Trifecta”

  1. Mazil said

    I’ve been feeling on a bit of an ultimate high too. It is nice to be feeling the bond again. Not because we won, but because of that feeling of everyone putting in. I must say, I focused more intensely in that indoor finals game than any game for a long time (or ever)!

    Reading your tactics book has been great, Joe – even just the first chapter! Playing in the finals, reading the book and anticipating spring league have all reminded me how much fun ultimate can be. I hope the outdoor seasons will be as fun as we hope 🙂

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