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Posted by forumjoe on January 10, 2011

To go along with the class discussion on why we study maths, the first lesson needs to discuss expectations. I believe this will help clarify in the students’ minds what they can expect from the course, what they can expect from their teacher, and what the teacher expects from them. If we make this explicit at the beginning of the course, I hope to reduce student misunderstandings about what is required of them.

Here’s the list I’m working on, but I’m sure it’ll grow over the next month.


What can you expect from this course?

  • This course will hopefully teach you what you need to know to pass the course, to survive subsequent years of mathematical study.
  • Does not teach you how to be a good mathematician!

What can you expect from your teacher?

  • I will always attempt to be prompt and reliable.
  • I will always be available to help; before school, after school, at lunch and recess.
  • I will always do my best to help you learn the content and to get the best results you can.

What do I expect from you?

  • I expect you to be polite.  You should show respect to your fellow students and your teacher.
  • I expect you to not waste my time. This sounds selfish, but if you waste my school time, you’re not taking it from me, you’re taking it from other students who need it.
  • I expect you to not disrupt the learning of others.  Everyone has the right to a hassle-free environment.
  • I expect you to use the feedback on tests and homeworks effectively.  This is what I do it for.
  • I expect you to take advantage of my availability.
  • I expect you to do work at home above and beyond what is called for by the homework*.

Homework is a bit of a separate issue, and I’ll be making my expectations of homework submission clear at another time.


Does this sound fair to the students?  Would you have liked it if a teacher made this clear when you were at school?  Should there be more expectations in any category?


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