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Teaching, Mathematics and Teaching Math.


I’m a teacher of Mathematics at an Australian Independent School. I’m currently teaching grades 7-10.
I’m passionate about using ICT to assist me every way possible. This includes using ICT resources inside the classroom, as well as using it to inform and reflect on my pedagogical practice.

These are the blogs I’m currently subscribed to:

Maths Teaching

<a href=””>Bill the Lizard” title=”Bill the Lizard” type=”rss” xmlUrl=”; htmlUrl=”” /></a>
<a href=””>Boom Culture</a>
<a href=””>Dustin Curtis</a>
<a href=””>Education for Well-being</a>
<a href=””>ICT resources for Schools</a>
<a href=””>ICT Teaching and Learning</a>
<a href=””>Ideas for Teaching Computer Technology to Kids</a>
<a href=””>Research in Practice</a>
<a href=””>Sup Teach?</a>
<a href=””>Zone of Proximal Development</a>

Other Teaching or Academic blogs


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